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"Speak Softly but Carry a Big Stick!" President T.Roosevelt 

Sisters S.O.S. Ministry, Inc. is an outreach organization helping women to take a proactive role in their personal and family safety. We believe that knowledge, understanding and wisdom are the principle things in living a safe and secure life. 

We have been sharing with women how to avoid, defend, and survive unsafe situations since 2004. Our team of certified, trained, and sensitive instructors all believe it’s always too soon to quit! So, we will not quit on you even when the going gets tough...the tough get going.

Safety experts agree that the single most important step toward ensuring your personal safety is making the conscious decision to Refuse to Be a Victim. You stand a much better chance of preventing criminal attack if you develop a safety plan – long before you need it. This is why the Refuse to be a Victim Crime Prevention Seminar was developed by women of the National Rifle Association.


About Our Programs 

Refuse To Be A Victim!

What can I do to better protect myself, my family, friends or employees from becoming victimized?
Here are just a few of the things you will learn at a Refuse To Be A Victim seminar.  
*How to minimize risk of victimization  *How to create a personalized safety plan, before it is needed   *The Psychology of the Criminal Mind!   

  In addition, we will cover how the firearm may be legal, but it may not be the right or best choice for you, we cover other options available.

4th Annual Bowling Fundraiser MARK the DATE: Saturday, March 5, 2016 1:pm-4:pm
Strike Out Domestic Violence & Spare a Life! 
Nine Pin No TAP! Fun for the Entire Family

The Facts:

  • 3 or More Women are Murdered Each Day
  • Children in Middle and High Schools are Involved in Violent Relationships and Some Lead to Murder
  • Children Who are Exposed to Domestic Violence Often Become Abusers Themselves
  • Every 9 Seconds a Woman is Assaulted or Beaten

Real Life Examples of Abuse

  • Deanna Cook was murdered in March 2013, while screaming for help to a 911 operator.
  • While Officer Jillian Smith was taking a statement, a mother's ex-boyfriend returned, murdered the mother and attempted to kill her 11 year-old daughter. Officer Smith gave her life to protect the little girl.
  • Carolyn Thomas was shot in face at point blank range with a 45 caliber handgun by her boyfriend. The boyfriend also murdered her mother at the same time.
  • What if one of these women were your child, mother or sister?
  • Wouldn't you want someone to do something?
  • We are here to help. We join hands with other women who want to support our cause.

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